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Default 183" of Snow Most in History

Record snowfall provokes 'snow rage' in Canada

OTTAWA (AFP) — A record snowfall in eastern Canada this winter has inspired some, crushed others, led to a rash of snow-blower thefts and incited at least two armed clashes, authorities said Wednesday.

Police and psychologists describe the latter incidents as "snow rage," akin to road rage or assaults by frustrated drivers in traffic.

Quebec City police say they received more than a dozen calls this winter from warring neighbors upset that snow was being shoveled onto their driveway or sidewalk by the folks next door.

The city was buried this winter in a record 460 centimeters (183 inches) of snow, and is running out of places to put the fluffy white powder until spring arrives and it melts.

In nearby Montreal, where residents are recovering from a ninth major snowstorm this season, a man was charged this week with threatening a fellow motorist with a toy gun over a rare parking spot on a snow-clogged street.

And in likely the worst case, an elderly Quebec City man pulled a 12-gauge shotgun on a female snowplow operator on Sunday for blowing snow onto his property, after warning her.

"How can you fight a three-ton snow-blower?" he told the Globe and Mail newspaper, accusing her of trying to run him over with the plow. "It takes a man who stands up."

"People are sick of snow," Quebec police spokeswoman Sandra Dion told AFP.

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Man does it snow there. . .

They have huge mountains of ice/snow created from snowplowing the roads. The largest of these usually survive through the summer into the next winter.
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Old 03-24-2008, 05:12 AM   #3
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a few more inches and they'd catch Syracuse .............. noplace gets snow like that city ........... it's amazing .......... my best man went to school there and everytime I visited him I stayed extra days due to weather ...........
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Old 03-31-2008, 10:24 PM   #4
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Tons of Snow

OTTAWA — People here are divided between those longing for a few more inches of snow to set a record and others who think the 14 feet that has already landed, and mostly lingered, is more than enough.

No one needs to ask Luc Guertin his view. His front yard on a suburban street here features his personal monument to eastern Canada’s unusually prolonged, relentless and snowy winter. A snow wall, about 18 ½ feet high, 6 to 10 feet wide and 30 feet long, rises along one edge of the driveway.

Standing next to a flagpole at the top, a balaclava-clad mannequin holds a snow shovel aloft in “Rocky”-style triumph. A sign, decorated with fuzzy chickens, offers outdated Easter greetings to the steady stream of sightseers who make their way to Toulouse Crescent.

Mr. Guertin, it should be noted, occasionally slips into an elaborate, homemade robot costume before picking up his extra-long snow shovel.

“Once I got going, I figured, why stop?” Mr. Guertin, a carpenter, said of his snow creation, which was mostly shoveled by hand rather than raised with a snowblower. “This year was such a record year for snow, so who knows, next year I might not be able to do it. A moment like this doesn’t come very often. I’m hoping for a snow record.”

The children wandering by one late March evening to poke and gaze at Ottawa’s newest attraction, as well as the drivers stopping for photographs, said that they, like Mr. Guertin, were hoping for another seven inches of snow. That would break the record from the winter of 1970-71, which meteorologists have called a thousand-year event.

But the season of heavy snowfall, which started in November and is still not over, has brought costs beyond the usual inconveniences. Roofs collapsing under the weight of snow have killed four people in Quebec, destroyed homes and forced sometimes panicked school and business evacuations.

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